Humanitarian Projects Inc


If you would like to support HPI as a volunteer, you are invited to become a member by completing the Membership Application Form below.  Membership is free;  all we ask is that you actively participate by assisting at promotional or fundraising events and/or organising an event yourself.  All HPI volunteers working on overseas projects must be approved members.  As a member, you will be covered by personal accident insurance while volunteering at any HPI event while in Australia.   After completing and signing the Membership Application Form, duly proposed and seconded, your application will be presented to the HPI Management Committee for approval and you will be notified of the decision very soon thereafter.

If the form below isn’t working or you’d prefer to fill in a hard copy please email

Members are advised that Humanitarian Projects International Inc. has Public Liability Insurance in the amount of $20 million.

INFORMATION for APPLICANTS (extracted from the Constitution)
Rule 7 New membership
(1) An applicant for membership of the association must be proposed by 1 member of the association (the proposer) and seconded by another member (the seconder).
(2) An application for membership must be—
(a) in writing; and
(b) signed by the applicant and the applicants proposer and seconder; and
(c) in the form decided by the management committee.
Rule 8 Membership fees
(1) The membership fee for each ordinary membership and for each other class of membership (if any)—
(a) is the amount decided by the members from time to time at a general meeting; and
(b) is payable when, and in the way, the management committee decides.
(2) A member of the incorporated association who, before becoming a member, has paid the members annual subscription for membership of the unincorporated association on or before a day fixed by the management committee, is not liable to pay a further amount of annual subscription for the period before the day fixed by the management committee as the day on which the next annual subscription is payable.
Rule 9 Admission and rejection of new members
(1) The management committee must consider an application for membership at the next committee meeting held after it receives—
(a) the application for membership; and
(b) the appropriate membership fee for the application.
(2) The management committee must ensure that, as soon as possible after the person applies to become a member of the association, and before the management committee considers the persons application, the person is advised—
(a) whether or not the association has public liability insurance; and
(b) if the association has public liability insurance—the amount of the insurance.
(3) The management committee must decide at the meeting whether to accept or reject the application.
(4) If a majority of the members of the management committee present at the meeting vote to accept the applicant as a member, the applicant must be accepted as a member for the class of membership applied for.
(5) The secretary of the association must, as soon as practicable after the management committee decides to accept or reject an application, give the applicant a written notice of the decision.
Rule 10 When membership ends
(1) A member may resign from the association by giving a written notice of resignation to the secretary.
(2) The resignation takes effect at—
(a) the time the notice is received by the secretary; or
(b) if a later time is stated in the notice—the later time.
(3) The management committee may terminate a members membership if the member—
(a) is convicted of an indictable offence; or
(b) does not comply with any of the provisions of these rules; or
(c) has membership fees in arrears for at least 2 months; or
(d) conducts himself or herself in a way considered to be injurious or prejudicial to the character or interests of the association.
(4) Before the management committee terminates a members membership, the committee must give the member a full and fair opportunity to show why the membership should not be terminated.
(5) If, after considering all representations made by the member, the management committee decides to terminate the membership, the secretary of the committee must give the member a written notice of the decision.
Rule 11 Appeal against rejection or termination of membership
(1) A person whose application for membership has been rejected, or whose membership has been terminated, may give the secretary written notice of the persons intention to appeal against the decision.
(2) A notice of intention to appeal must be given to the secretary within 1 month after the person receives written notice of the decision.
(3) If the secretary receives a notice of intention to appeal, the secretary must, within 1 month after receiving the notice, call a general meeting to decide the appeal.
Rule 12 General meeting to decide appeal
(1) The general meeting to decide an appeal must be held within 3 months after the secretary receives the notice of intention to appeal.
(2) At the meeting, the applicant must be given a full and fair opportunity to show why the application should not be rejected or the membership should not be terminated.
(3) Also, the management committee and the members of the committee who rejected the application or terminated the membership must be given a full and fair opportunity to show why the application should be rejected or the membership should be terminated.
(4) An appeal must be decided by a majority vote of the members present and eligible to vote at the meeting.
(5) If a person whose application for membership has been rejected does not appeal against the decision within 1 month after receiving written notice of the decision, or the person appeals but the appeal is unsuccessful, the secretary must, as soon as practicable, refund the membership fee paid by the person.
Rule 13 Register of members
(1) The management committee must keep a register of members of the association.
(2) The register must include the following particulars for each member—
(a) the full name of the member;
(b) the postal or residential address of the member;
(c) the date of admission as a member;
(d) the date of death or time of resignation of the member;
(e) details about the termination or reinstatement of membership;
(f) any other particulars the management committee or the members at a general meeting decide.
(3) The register must be open for inspection by members of the association at all reasonable times.