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Stephen Bird – President

Andrew Patterson – Secretary 

Julie Gaughan Treasurer
“I have been blessed to grow-up and live in a country like Australia.  I am able to turn on a tap for clean water and turn on a switch for light and power. If I am sick, I know that I will receive medical help, and education is not just for those that can afford to pay. This is why I choose to support H.P.I. and help others have these things.”

Monique MooreFundraising & Marketing
“See a need, fill a need. I love helping others in whichever way I can.”

Tony Long – Stores & Merchandise Manager
“After I first saw the Watoto Children’s Choir I knew I was destined to help the children. HPI is making this a reality.”

Peter Mack – Founder & Patron
“I am passionate about helping the millions of parentless children of the world to give them hope and a future.” 

Rizsa AlbarracinProject Manager
Shepherds Arms Children’s Home

Terry Gaughan – Project Manager
Kashekuro School Project

“Why has God blessed me so richly?  Why am I so lucky when there are billions of poor and disadvantaged people in this world who lack the basic personal needs of food, clothing and shelter, who have no hope of a better life, half of them children who can’t even get an education.  How can I stand by and do nothing to help them?

Non-Committee Member Assistants
John Wright – Project Manager
Timor Leste