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Project Update

Kashekuro, Uganda
The Nyarutooma Primary School had 230 students when we started upgrades in 2016; now, in 2020, it has 340 students. This includes 67 boarders from extremely poor families whose homes are too far from the school for daily commuting on foot and there is no public transport system. So, HPI is embarking upon building a large dormitory building with new beds and mattresses, proper bathrooms and toilets to adequately accommodate up to 96 children.

Total completed project will cost around $68,000.

This project has been completed!!

Support this project by buying a brick, bunk beds or sponsoring a boarder on our shop page.

If you’d like to hold an event to support this project or find out more information about sponsoring a boarder please email Monique,

Surveying the site
Mixing cement
Materials delivered
Digging the trench
Concreting Foundations
Concreting Foundations



Foundations complete








Main wall in progress
Toilet block construction completed, just needs some paint
Running water installed

Roof in progress

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