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Heal Foundation Project: Pakistan

Heal Foundation Project: Pakistan

Thank you to the dedicated efforts of HPI Member, Mark Poole and Precinct Real Estate, for partnering us with the Heal Foundation Pakistan. Their commitment to implementing tangible and sustainable projects has had a profound and lasting impact on the community of Pakistan. Through their combined efforts, they have achieved success in several crucial projects over the past year with a vision to continue these as long as there is need.

In 2022, the Food Distribution Program provided essential food support for 69  local widows. Beyond providing food support, the program has become a valuable platform for widows to come together every month. The program offers a nurturing environment where the widows can find solace, support, and encouragement in each other’s company. Offering them a change to gather, connect and share experiences. The food distribution program has gained immense popularity among the widows, and its influence is spreading to small villages. The overwhelming response from widows is evident in the numerous calls and requests to join the 2023 Distribution Food Program.

The Toilet Project has bought about significant improvement in sanitation facilities for 40 eligible families. By providing access to proper toilets, this project has not only enhanced health and hygiene, but also created a safe and private environment, significantly improving the overall living conditions of the communities.

Through the Water Hand Pump Project, 10 families have gained access to clean and safe water sources. They no longer must rely on stagnant water in dirty reservoirs or rainwater to meet their basic needs. This project has significantly improved their daily lives and ensured access to a vital resource.

The Free Medical Camps have been a lifeline for the underprivileged population in outreach areas. Offering essential healthcare services, check-ups, and prescribed medicines, at no cost. In 2021, supported by HPI, upwards of 80 individuals participated in the free medical camps. In 2022, thanks to the efforts of HPI and Precinct Real Estate, two camps were made available to those in the outreach communities. These camps have addressed medical needs, provided preventative care, and promoted overall well-being.

The continued efforts and achievements of these projects from Heal Foundation Pakistan volunteers and local volunteers showcase how the power of collective action can bring about a meaningful and long-term change for the lives of individuals and communities in Pakistan.

If you would like to partner with us on the continued success of this project, please contact us.

 Project Contact: Mark Poole – 0417 731 453

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